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We are a Family-owned business established over 10 yrs. ago, when I was looking for Treats for our Collie, Brock. Not being able to pronounce most of the ingredients on the packaging, and seeing majority of the items were coming from China & Japan,  I decided to try and cook Brock some Treats. I took some Courses, lots of research, and a year later we had Jaye's Barkery.
     Starting with Brock and my family & friends dogs - I made my Treats Preservative - and Chemical Free. I went to a local farm to get eggs. Started a garden at home for mint for my Treats, Along with a few other locations to make sure we kept this ALL NATURAL.
After some time, we expanded adding the Smoked Bones. We have a Smoker we built and we Smoke our Bones here in Telford, PA.. We only use Apple & Cherry woods - to give the aroma of "a Campfire". We use only Cow Bones, which are the strongest bones available. Others who smoke Bones are using Liquid Smoke - which contains a lot of sodium in the mixture - which is not safe for our pups to ingest.
     We Smoke our Bones & make our Treats upon order - to insure freshness. We freeze our Bones prior to shipment - to guarantee they are fresh upon receipt. We do the same to our Treats. We guarantee you are receiving Treats & Bones that have just been made within the last 5 days.  We suggest you freeze or refrigerate your items, since they do not contain any preservatives in them to prevent spoilage.