Our Kookie Trays are for your Pups Birthday Party - when he has all his puppy friends over. We offer (2) sizes. Small Tray will feed 5-7 pups. Lg. Tray will feed 8-12 pups. You pick the treats you would like, We will decorate for your themed event. We will do all the work for you to have a fun day. When ordering PLS SPECIFY SIZE Trays starting at $27.99

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Having a Birthday Party - Here's an Idea: Get a Kookie Tray with alL your Pups Favorite Treats on it. All decorated for your Pups party. We do all the work, n your Pups friends have all the fun. Pick your Pups favorite treats, n we will arrange it on a tray. We offer (2) sizes. Small - feeds 5-7 pups,  $27.99  

LG Kookie Tray will feed 8-10 pups.  $51.99

Pls specify Size, Treats, n if you are having a Themed event.

We will also supply the "DOGGIE BAGS" so your pups friends can take home some goodies too.

                                                                       LET'S HAVE A PARTY