Jaye Fissel


I started making Treats for Brock. Once I had seen the response from family & friends, regarding my Treats - I had started to do a lot of research and discovered this was something I could do to give back to others. To give those that were looking for a safe Preservative Free Treat for their pups. I have taken many courses in nutrition, decorating, cooking for pets, and the fundamentals for animals. I have to admit this is the most I have enjoyed any job I have had. I have met so many people over the yrs, along with their pups. We do so many shows a year - meeting so many people, we have such an extended family, I am a very lucky person to be able to do what I do for all of you. thank you for letting me prepare your pups goodies.

Rob Butler


Many of you have met Rob at shows. During the week he has a full time job, and weeknights /weekends he helps me with shows. He has been helping out with smoking our Bones . I'm sure you will be seeing him at shows this season again. Stop by, say hello, introduce yourself. Rob is also working on our Customer Sales, he is also doing deliveries.


Taste Tester

Riley is our 5 yr old tri-Colored Collie, who has a very important position here at the Barkery. He is responsible for all Taste testing that is done. If it doesn't pass his finicky taste buds, well - the Treat doesn't work.